Using Facebook Insights to target your books audience


I'm going to redo this series. Sorry for the mix-up before but this is how you can use Insights in Facebook advertising as an author. Even if you don't have any audience at all you can get some ideas to at least get you started before you get people to your website or whatever, if you don't have a mailing list. It is possible. You don't have to scrape users IDs or emails or any of that questionable stuff. Everything you need is here. You do probably have to have a few people that have read your book.

Define your audience for Facebook Insights - Part 1


Today I'm going to talk about using Facebook's Insights and one way to get a more targeted audience. An easy thing to do is go to an author page. What I notice, and when you go to the author page is customers also bought items by. It gives you a list of 16 people you can look at. What I do is I copy all those and pull them onto a notepad or something that I can just copy. Then we're going to go to just to Facebook and type in the name, like Tamika Farnsworth, we know there's nobody there. There's no page there. Nila Nix, that's just a personal page.