How to Replace a Book in a Jutoh Compilation

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One of the great things about Jutoh is it's very easy to make compilations. I have a video about making a compilation in Jutoh. You know that I love it, but one of the problems that I found was I had an older book from a client that was re-edited, and now I need to put the new edited version in. I was thinking to myself, how can I do this without re-doing the whole thing?

Using Jutoh to Create a Document With a Template


In this episode I'm going to show you how to take a document, either Word or Open document or some other format that's readable by Jutoh and explain the easy way to use a template.

Welcome back. Like I said, I'm going to take my Word document, which is from one of my clients, and use my base template which has all my styles and other things set up and basically just import everything so it works and you've got 90% of your work done. I will have a copy of this template below. You can click on and download it and modify it or do whatever you want.

Adding a Table of Contents to a Jutoh fixed layout book manually

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Okay. This is an update and an important addendum to my tutorial on Creating Fixed Layout Books with Judo and it has to do with the table of contents. I realized that there is an issue in the fact when I automatically created the table of the contents with Judo by going up here to book, build table of contents, you’ll notice I took that out and I want to show you why.