Jutoh 2.58 Update

Jutoh 2.58: new 'link style' feature

February 26th, 2017

This release adds the concept of 'link style', for formatting internal hyperlinks within the book, and links to external web sites. Currently, links are formatted by the viewer software, usually in blue, underlined text. Link styles allow you to choose how links will be formatted, using categories such as internal links, external links, table of contents, footnote, and more. Click on Edit Link Styles within Project Properties/Styles to create link styles.

DOCX import has various improvements, such as import of margins into configurations to make estimating proportions more accurate when using the configuration option Replace absolute widths.

Sequence fields are now more capable, with a Formula property that you can set to values such as +1, +0, and 1 (imported from DOCX and ODT).

The Project Properties and Preferences dialogs now show the last-selected page, to cut down on mouse clicks.

There are various other improvements and bug fixes. For the full list of changes in Jutoh 2.58, please see the release notes. You can get 2.58 from the Download page.