Jutoh 2.57 Update

Version 2.57, February 3rd, 2017


  • Added a new drop caps implementation, whereby drop caps can be specified in a paragraph's properties or in a paragraph style. Added a drop caps toolbar button, a Format | Text | Drop Caps menu command, a dialog for inserting or editing drop caps, and a page in the paragraph properties and paragraph style properties formatting dialogs. Drop caps CSS can be customised per configuration via the new "Drop caps CSS" configuration option. Formatting small caps for the first few words can be chosen as an alternative to drop caps. See "KB 0004: How to format drop caps" for more information.
  • Implemented drop caps import from DOCX and ODT.
  • Added "Spell-check next document prompt" to Advanced Settings, to allow the suppression of the prompt after each document has been checked.
  • Added "Box style substitutions" configuration option.
  • Clicking Close in the Spelling Check dialog now aborts the spell-check instead of just advancing to the next document.
  • Fixed a problem with the "Limit images to viewer size" configuration option whereby if an image had no actual size specified, adding a maximum size of 100% caused the image to always expand to 100% in ADE and related viewers. Now Jutoh works around this by specifying the image width in pixels if no size is specified.
  • Fixed a glitch whereby line spacing was falsely reported for footnotes.
  • Fixed a bug counting blank paragraphs and other problems multiple times if compiling multiple formats at once.
  • Restored elimination of font name, font size and colour from both named styles and automatic styles in Document Cleanup. Also fixed a bug removing attributes from named styles.
  • Fixed a file extension bug in HTB/CHM (xhtml caused the HTB viewer to fail) and added a warning if compiling these formats in standard Jutoh.
  • Fixed a bug whereby changes in the outline level of a style were not properly reflected in headings using that style.
  • Added a warning when generating ODT that the outline level of headers must be 1 for page styles to work correctly.
  • Fixed a crash in ODT generation when a header or footer has blank paragraphs and blank paragraphs are being reported; also fixed unnecessary double processing of some headers and footers.
  • Fixed redundant generation of folder names in ODT export.
  • Fixed a bug that removed box attributes when applying a link to pictures.
  • No longer imports line spacing that is less than 100%. This can cause editor navigation problems as well as leading to poor formatting.
  • Slightly improved focus behaviour for the Find dialog on Mac: pressing Cmd+F or Cmd+D focuses the text control in the Find dialog (may need to be pressed twice on the 32-bit Carbon version). Fn+Enter finds the next match.