Jutoh 2.56 Update

Version 2.56, January 18th, 2017


  • Added a warning when maximum size is used for Mobipocket configurations, as Amazon doesn't support it. The warning is only emitted if an actual size has not been specified.
  • Added a new configuration option "Generate line spacing" to make it easier to fix line spacing for the whole project by switching this option off. Line spacing warnings are now only emitted for HTML-based formats.
  • Fixed a bug in CBZ generation such that generation failed if automatic fields and numbering update was switched off.
  • No longer auto-fills from the previous project's metadata in the absence of explicitly set auto-fill data, to avoid confusion.
  • In DOCX and ODT import, centred images that aren't "in line with text" or "anchored as-char" are made to be centred in Jutoh by modifying the parent paragraph. In other words, centring is more likely to be respected, even if the anchoring mode is not supported by Jutoh.
  • In DOCX and ODT reimport, replaces existing page styles rather than adding styles of the same name.
  • Fixed a DOCX import problem confusing resource ids from different XML files.
  • In DOCX import, image names are always set (including for EMF files) so duplicate images can be optimised.
  • In ODT import, when importing image names, Jutoh strips off any suffix following a hash symbol (#). This works around a problem in ODT files whereby image names cannot be identical - they can now be named in the original ODT file by appending a hash symbol and a number (or other unique text).
  • In ODT import, fixed a bug whereby all images could become floating.
  • In ODT import, now respects a relative width in images and text boxes.
  • In ODT import, duplicate images now all get the same name (the name of the first image) to make it easy to optimize exported duplicate images.
  • In ODT export, fixed floating box support.
  • Added a new option "Import relative positions" in Preferences/Import, switched off by default. This reduces confusion from Kindlegen warnings, and relative positions in floating objects are rarely critical.
  • Added a new configuration option "Generate relative positions", off by default in Mobipocket configurations. This reduces a warning that can cause confusion.
  • Added a new Jutoh warning for relative positions, and updated KB0144 to reflect the new options for eliminating the warning.
  • Drawing objects can now float.
  • Added an advanced setting "Copy PNG images" to allow disabling of PNG copying. Word 2010 crashes if PNG images are copied, but some applications can handle it, such as LibreOffice, allowing pasting of transparent images.
  • Added PNG clipboard copying to Clip Library.
  • Fixed a bug whereby copying an image to the clipboard from a clip library would fail on some platforms (the clipboard was not opened and closed properly).
  • On Windows and Mac, images with transparency are now copied to the clipboard with a white background, which is usually more helpful than black. On Linux, bitmap transparency is preserved via copy and paste anyway.
  • The initial filter selection in the import and quick import file dialogs now persists between uses and sessions.