Jutoh 2.54 Update

I missed this one for some reason!

Version 2.54, January 6th, 2017


  • In HTML, Epub and Kindle generation, indeterminate justification now omits the text-align property in order for non-publisher settings to work better in some readers. Previously, the use of the 'initial' value for this property meant that the defaults, such as the default justification in Kindle readers, were not always applied. A workaround for suppressing inherited alignment in centred boxes means that paragraphs in boxes will be left-aligned on Epub and justified on Kindle if indeterminate alignment is used; so explicitly set alignment in your styles if you need a specific alignment. KB 0039 has been updated to describe alignment behaviour on difference platforms.
  • Added Ignore styles when spell checking option in Project Properties/Options.
  • When replacing strings in the content, this is now also applied to Custom properties entered in the Advanced tab in paragraphs, objects and styles.
  • A line break in an empty paragraph will only prompt Jutoh to show one warning now.
  • When checking for hard-wired colours, Jutoh will now check for both black and white in text foreground and background colours, to conform to Kindle guidelines.
  • When copying documents between projects, styles that are used in the document but are not present in the destination project's current style sheet, are added to the style sheet.
  • Fixed a crash when clicking on some tip links (especially finding automatic styles).
  • The splash screen has been updated.