Jutoh 2.53 Update

Just a note about a new update to Jutoh. To update just go to Help->Check for Updates

Version 2.53, December 29th, 2016

  • Added a new command Find and Replace from Start (Ctrl+D) to the Edit menu, to make it easy to start searching from the beginning of the project.
  • Added a new command Go To Project Start (Ctrl+Alt+Home) to the Document menu, to position the edit cursor at the start of the first page.
  • Added Paragraph Formatting Present and Character Formatting Present search criteria in the Find and Replace dialog, for cases when you want to find, for example, any line spacing formatting.
  • Added a tip for large cover and image sizes.
  • Added a tip for line spacing.
  • Added tips for direct formatting.
  • Added a tip for line breaks that are at the start or end of a paragraph, and which are probably accidental.
  • Added a tip warning about embedded fonts that are not used in the book content.
  • Added a tip for when the bulk of the book is not formatted in the standard point size (12pt).
  • Added search links to some tips, for example to find direct formatting or colour.
  • No longer shows the Details tab if double-clicking on an EpubCheck error, since this can cause the Epub viewer window to be hidden.
  • Added a new Auto-show error details advanced setting to allow the user to prevent the Details tab being shown when double-clicking on an error.
  • Improved optimisation of ODT files poorly exported from Word, removing most of the thousands of redundant styles that can accumulate in a large file and avoiding potential memory exhaustion.
  • Document cleanup of colour and font attributes now works for automatic paragraph styles as well as character styles.
  • Fixed a crash in the New Project wizard after importing an Epub file, and then going back to the original metadata page.
  • Errors are now cleared before EpubCheck errors are added.
  • Line breaks (decimal 29) in titles are automatically removed to prevent later errors.
  • Bad ASCII characters in titles now trigger an invalid character error.
  • Fixed the links to quickly edit configuration options in compilation error hints, so they work in the supported non-English languages (French, German and Dutch).
  • Removed Import Images command from the Document menu, since image documents are not very useful and there are other ways to add them.