Jutoh 2.52 Update

Just a note about a new update to Jutoh. To update just go to Help->Check for Updates

Version 2.52, December 13th, 2016


  • Added initial CBZ comic book import and export support.
  • You can now import from fixed layout Epub 3 and CBZ from the New Project Wizard.
  • Renamed the Verbosity control in General Preferences to Reporting with values Low, Medium and High, and added a Reporting control under the list of errors. Compile messages now come in three kinds: Error, Warning and Tip.
  • Some warnings, such as for colour, are now tips. Added a tip about blank paragraphs.
  • The user is now asked if the Reporting control should be set to High the first time there are hidden messages.
  • Pressing the enter key in the Errors list, if focused, now shows the Details tab, to save mouse clicks when reviewing errors.
  • Applied a fix to prevent double-clicking on the Errors list also activating a link in the error description.
  • Previous/Next buttons in the Details window now show the error location immediately.
  • There is now a context menu for the errors list, which allows alphabetical or chronological sorting of the messages, and copying messages to the clipboard.
  • Fixed TOC bookmark assignment if there is a table at the top of the section.
  • Fixed potential duplicate identifier output if multiple drawing objects are specified.
  • Removed the General Preferences option to assign the search control to either help or global search.
  • Added Auto-Replace customisation button to General Preferences.
  • If Jutoh finds a table of contents by title, but it doesn't have a "toc" guide type, it is assumed that a "toc" guide type was intended.
  • Fixed a bug in the default properties for the "aside" tag (too many properties).
  • Spaces in URLs are now replaced with %20.