Jutoh 2.51 Update

Just a note about a new update to Jutoh. To update just go to Help->Check for Updates


Version 2.51, December 1st, 2016

  • Added a Details tab next to the Errors tab to show error messages, their tips, and further commands and help. This eliminates the need for the modal dialog showing the error and tip.
  • The help window now extends to the bottom of the Jutoh window, instead of to the top of the Log/Error/Details window, giving more space for reading help.
  • Enabled details and summary HTML5 tags in the Objects tab.
  • Added a search control to the Advanced Preferences page.
  • Switching off "Auto-fill metadata" in Advanced Preferences now eliminates auto-fill from global user name/previous project. Now the previous project author will only be used if auto-fill is on and the auto-fill user name and global user name are both blank.
  • Date and author metadata is now imported from DOCX and ODT files.
  • Hard-wired colour warnings now use '=>' notation to clarify which style (possibly a parent style) actually contains the colour information and should therefore be edited.
  • Fixed incorrect Epub 3 code generation for single-row tables when headers and footers and enabled.
  • Fixed bug importing or pasting a bitmap image into an existing drawing object; the change would not be reflected unless another property had been changed.
  • Fixed a bug clearing the TOC import option when importing from a project; this remained enabled if Import Styles was also enabled.
  • When right-clicking over a tab, the tab is now selected, so that the subsequent menu commands refer to the expected tab.
  • Fixed a background colour inconsistency in Formatting Palette tabs on Mac.
  • Updated the artwork in Preferences/Helpers, and the artwork in the Desktop.
  • Fixed a bug that caused large icons to be shown in the toolbar customisation dialog.
  • The frame title bar now updates when the Desktop tab is clicked, to show we're not still editing a document.